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Right Bike Measures You Up For The Right Bike

People come in all shapes and sizes, so getting a bicycle that fits your needs is not always an easy task.

New Zealand's Velogicfit designed the Right Bike system to help, using a combination of hardware and software to identify which bike is the right size and design for a customer's needs.

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Bike Shops Can Now Add Aerodynamic Assessment in Bike Fits via Velogicfit 3D Aero

Bike Fit tech company Velogicfit has launched 3d Aero, which enables bicycle retailers to assess aerodynamics alongside – or independent of – a traditional bike fit service.

Like its recent revision to its flagship motion capture system 3D Motion, Velogicfit is offering bike shops the chance to pay a monthly fee ($89 USD) to use the package, rather than pay a large lump sum up front).

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Velogicfit Sets New Pricing to Bring in Bike Fit Retailers

Velogicfit, a bike-tech company specialising in sizing and fitting, has announced a new pricing plan for its flagship motion capture system 3D Motion.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars up front for a professional, 3D motion capture bike fit system, bicycle retailers who take on Velogicfit 3D Motion now have the option to pay $199 USD per month ( a one-off startup fee of $199 USD applies).

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