Bike Sizing Systems

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Velogicfit sizing systems offer sizing solutions for all bike retailers- in store or online. Velogicfit sizing systems ensure customers are recommended a suitable bike that is the right size, offering excellent customer service while promoting sales.

Right Bike

The state-of-the art interactive sizing stand, designed to help stores empower customers to choose a bike that is the right size. Right Bike uses a 3D camera and Velogicfit software to measure the customer, before guiding them through preference selections to generate a list of bikes available in store that fit them and suit their needs. Right Bike offers retailers the opportunity to support their customers to make informed purchases, in a intuitive, entertaining process, un-matched by online services.

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Advanced Bike Finder

A powerful online tool to help you quickly identify which bikes are most suitable for your customer based on fit and purposes.

Advanced Bike Finder allows input of bike measurements, making it an effective tool for pre-sales sizing, or post-bike fit bike matching.

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Frame Comparison- FREE

Frame Comparison is a free to use online tool, allowing you to make the most of our extensive bike database to compare frame geometries between thousands of frames.

Choose two frames to compare side by side, and virtually fit stems to compare positions.

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