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While Velogicfit bike fit services certainly offer a high-quality, comprehensive evaluation and optimization of position on the bike for cyclists, a Velogicfit bike fit system is also an excellent investment for bike stores. Offering bike fit as a service in your bike store with a Velogicfit system can be a valuable addition to your store to rival even the busiest of mechanics workshops.

Key ROI Stats for Velogicfit Bike Fits from our 2019 Velogicfit Customer Survey:

  • Average Number of Bike Fits Per Week: 3
  • Average Price of a 3D Motion Bike Fit: $209 USD
  • Average additional income of $137 USD- per bike fit from associated accessories sales

Aside from the excellent ROI offered by Velogicfit bike fit systems, offering a Velogicfit bike fit service in your store will also help you to…

  • Improve customer satisfaction: Riders who are comfortable on their bike are more likely to enjoy their riding experience, reflecting positively on your store.
  • Improve customer retention: Build trust with your customers by offering a superior level of service. Customers happy with their bike fit and enjoying their riding are more likely to return to purchase parts and accessories, recommend you to their friends and family, and return to you to purchase their next bike.
  • Stand out from competitors: Distinguish your store by offering a quality, comprehensive and customer-focused in-store fitting service.

Our most successful Velogicfit fitters are able to make above-average returns on their bike fit services by training in bike fit, and promoting the benefits of bike fit to their customers. To make these opportunities accessible to all of our customers we hold training courses at locations around the world, and include promotional support materials as a part of the Velogicfit 3D Motion product. Click the link below to find out more.

Bike fit training room

Find out more about bike fit training and support