3D Motion

Our flagship bike fit system offering the highest level of information around rider pedalling action and interaction with the bike.

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A Sophisticated 3D Bike Fit System

3D Motion utilizes a 3D camera and reflective VF tape markers to deliver live rider data at 30 frames per second. The metrics are presented in user-friendly tables, grouped into the following categories:
  • Joint angles: Current, Range, Min, Max or Average for relevant joints
  • Joint Motion: Range, Min, Max or Average figures for joint oscillation.
  • Alignment: Average values for key relationships
  • Performance: Cadence (automatic) and Power (from ANT+ if you have a dongle and power meter)
Other System Features Include:
  • Bike Measuring: Fast, accurate measuring using the Velogicfit wand and 3D camera
  • Live Rider View: View your customer live onscreen and review data alongside real capture images.
  • Comprehensive customer reports
  • Regular Software Updates: The Velogicfit 3D Motion system is regularly updated to incorporate the latest innovations in bike fitting.
Account Freeze Option:

For seasonal stores who experience a slow-down over the winter, we offer our customers the option to place their subscription on hold for one period of 3 months within each 12 month period. During a hold period your subscription will be temporarily suspended. Monthly customers will not be charged for the months their subscription is on hold, while yearly customers will have their yearly renewal date extended to meet 12 months of active subscription. We offer this option to help stores maximize their return on investment with our 3D Motion system.

30 Day Returns:

We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your 3D Motion system, but if your circumstances should change within the first 30 days of purchase, we offer free cancellation and initial payment refund on all 3D Motion systems. You will need to return the relevant hardware in good condition to Velogicfit, once we have received your hardware you will be refunded your initial monthly or yearly payment (excluding startup fee).

Features Gallery

Velogicfit 3D Motion is a comprehensive bike fit system unto itself, but can also be used alongside Velogicfit 3D Aero or Advanced Bike Finder (or both!) to further extend your bike fit service into aerodynamic assessment or fit-based bike selection.

Logan Griffin, New Zealand

3D Motion helps us provide exceptional service to our customers. The biggest value for a Fitter is seeing the rider's position as a whole picture, rather than measuring individual points or angles in isolation. It's very easy to see how each small change you make affects the entire system.

Logan Griffin, New Zealand

What's included?

  • 3D Motion Software Subscription
  • Kinect Camera
  • PC USB Adapter
  • Saddle Jig
  • 7 x Rolls VF Tape
  • Measuring Wand
  • Warranty and Support
  • Promotional Support Materials

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3D Motion costs $199 USD per month or $1990 per year. There is also a $199 USD startup fee, which we’ll use to send you your hardware kit. You’ll just need to supply a compatible Windows computer.